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Affordable Care Act Related Materials

Agent Alert Delta Dental's Position on the Affordable Care ActWhy Delta Dental advocates a "business-as-usual" strategy.
OCI Bulletin OCI bulletin on pediatric dental — The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance weighs in on dental benefits' place in the Wisconsin healthcare landscape.
Children's Dental Benefits Children’s dental benefits in small-group medical plans – Even if children’s oral healthcare is a covered medical-plan benefit, the actual dental benefit may be minimal. Learn the reasons why.

Employer Materials

group guide Delta Dental Product Guide — If you haven't looked at Delta Dental's small-group plans lately, you're missing out on a comprehensive product line with choices to fit every budget.
ACA product guide Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dental Products — Delta Dental's plan solutions help you fill in the missing piece to your ACA puzzle.
Delta Vision DeltaVision — A suite of popular plan designs, two large provider networks, and great customer service: When it comes to eye health, DeltaVision has you covered.
Choice Plan Brochure Choice Plan (5-49) — The Choice PPO provides subscribers the freedom to utilize any provider while encouraging utilization of PPO Providers.
Choice Plan Brochure (50+) Choice Plan (50-99) — The Choice PPO provides subscribers the freedom to utilize any provider while encouraging utilization of PPO Providers.
Experience The Delta Dental Difference Experience...the Delta Dental Difference — From unparalleled plan administration to North America's No. 1 call center, learn about all the things that make Delta Dental different — and better.
smarter dental plans Evidence-Based Integrated Care Plan (EBICP) - Delta Dental's value-based benefit that allows additional preventive benefits for members who are pregnant or have chronic conditions that can benefit from additional dental treatment.
smarter dental plans Smarter Dental PlansTaken together, Delta Dental's EBICP program, sealant coverage, X-ray coverage, and other plan innovations create smarter dental plans that are also extremely cost-effective.
checkup plus CheckUp Plus™ — Checkups and cleanings don't count against your annual maximum when you choose this benefit-plan innovation.
maximum benefits Maximum Benefit Bonus — Delta Dental's innovative program lets you "bank" portions of your unused annual maximum for future use.
Delta Vision Welcome to DeltaVision (two-page) — What makes DeltaVision special: networks, plan choice, and outstanding service ... in other words, everything you'd expect from a product carrying the Delta Dental name.

Employee Materials

Find a Network Dentist Finding A Network Dentist — See how easy it is to find one of the 255,000-plus dentist locations in the Delta Dental Premier or the Delta Dental PPO network.
Choosing a Dentist Choosing a Dentist As a Delta Dental subscriber, you may see any dentist you like. However, there are advantages to choosing a dentist who belongs to one of Delta Dental’s two dentist networks.
find a vision provider Finding A Network Vision Provider The vision version of our most popular brochure.
fillings Fillings — Your dentist may recommend composite fillings. Your insurance company pays for amalgam. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these popular filling materials.
Voluntary Dental Guide Dental Enrollment Guide — A special brochure for prospective members outlining the value of dental benefits, and why they should choose Delta Dental at their next open enrollment.
Voluntary Vision Enrollment Guide Thumbnail Vision Enrollment GuideA brochure for prospective members describing the outstanding value delivered by DeltaVision vision insurance.
voluntary FAQ Enrollment FAQs — Answers to the most common questions asked by new enrollees in Delta Dental's popular dental plans.
Pre-Enrollment Poster Pre-enrollment Poster – Drive attendance to your enrollment meeting by posting Delta Dental posters throughout your facility, personalized with dates, times, and locations.
Payroll Stuffer – These stuffers are an easy way to ensure employees see your open enrollment details through inclusion with employee paychecks.
Table Tent – Table tents deliver consistent enrollment-driving messages throughout multiple locations, informing employees about their benefit meetings while they are in break rooms, lunch rooms, etc.
Voluntary Email Email Campaign - Provide ongoing reminders during open enrollment by using a series of email messages. The more your employees are reminded of the benefits available to them, the more likely they are to attend enrollment meetings and enroll.
  Intranet announcements – Educate employees about their benefits and open enrollment window by posting messages to your company intranet. It’s quick, easy, and effective.


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