Resources: LifeSmile – Tobacco Cessation Toolkit for Wellness Programs Pending status

Delta Dental of Wisconsin has expanded our LifeSmile wellness toolkit for employers with a tobacco cessation module including posters, flyers, and communication materials that can be incorporated into their existing wellness program initiatives.

Tobacco is the top lifestyle factor that affects oral health, which in turn directly affects overall health. Nearly 75 percent of periodontal (gum) disease in adults is caused by smoking1.

More and more evidence shows a strong association between gum disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, poor pregnancy outcomes, and puts individuals who use tobacco at higher risk for certain cancers.

  • People who smoke are six times more likely than people who don’t smoke to develop mouth or throat cancers.2,3
  • Smokeless tobacco has been linked to cancers of the cheek, gums, and inner surface of the lips. Smokeless tobacco increases the risk of these cancers by nearly 50%.2,3

LifeSmile materials are available for instant download by visiting the Broker Connection and for employers through the Employer Connection. Users must log in to access materials. Once in the authenticated website, the LifeSmile link will direct you to a catalog of oral health modules and materials.

To discuss the LifeSmile program and how it can benefit your customers, contact:

Betsy Vinopal
Director of account management

2 American Cancer Society
3 Columbia University College of Dental Medicine


Product: Value-Add Hearing Health Care Benefit

Delta Dental of Wisconsin is excited to announce a new, value-add service for all Delta Dental and DeltaVision customers.

Effective September 1, 2017, all customers can take advantage of a hearing health care benefit provided by Amplifon. The hearing benefit includes access to their provider network of 5,300+ locations, 40 percent off hearing services provided by a network provider, and discounts on more than 2,000 hearing aid models manufactured by leading brands.

Amplifon will provide Delta Dental of Wisconsin customers with a dedicated toll-free number, 888-901-0132 and landing page,, to set-up and access their free hearing health care benefit.

Delta Dental will be communicating this opportunity to employers in the coming week. If you have questions about Amplifon’s discount hearing benefit, or want to learn more, please contact your sales representative or:

Kim Christophersen
Director of sales


Selling: Small Business Renewal Rates

Long-term relationships are built on mutual strength, stability, and trust. And if our courtship with small businesses over the last 10 years is any indication, we don’t shy away from serious commitments. Our secret to lasting relationships? Stable renewal rates.

Since 2007, renewal rates for employers with less than 50 lives has averaged less than three percent. For small business owners, time is too valuable to shop around year after year for benefit carriers. Rate stability saves you and your customers time, makes it easier for businesses to plan, and avoids unnecessary member disruption.

Learn more about our small business offerings, or, contact your Delta Dental Sales team for more information about moving your clients to Wisconsin’s No. 1 dental plan.


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