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Delta Dental of Wisconsin is committed to providing dental benefits that help improve oral and overall health. Oral health problems like periodontal disease and tooth decay are more common than you may think – and left untreated can lead to more serious problems, such as tooth loss.

Recent studies have quantified the financial impact of poor oral health on health benefit plans.  Periodontal (gum) disease exists, to some degree, in almost half of the adult (over age 30) population in the United States. Health plan members with untreated periodontal disease have increased medical claims costs of more than $1000 per year - over members who receive appropriate treatment for their periodontal disease. Delta Dental is addressing this health plan cost-driver in a variety of ways with the goal of improving member health and reducing health plan costs.

We have developed a number of wellness resources that are designed to integrate with and complement an employer’s existing wellness initiatives. As a reminder, we offer:

  • Innovative plan designs that maximize wellness and incorporate Delta Dental’s Evidence-Based Integrated Care Plan.
  • An online oral health risk assessment, myDentalScore, for individuals or groups. By answering a few simple questions online, participants receive an oral health score report that estimates their risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Aggregate reporting is also available for employers that incentivize the completion of myDentalScore. With the group’s full picture of oral health risks, additional strategies to address oral health risks can be developed and implemented. Try the oral health risk assessment for yourself!
  • Risk identification. With appropriate Business Associate Agreements (BAA) in place, we can provide an employer’s wellness coaching vendor specific information about members’ oral health risks and appropriate messaging for coaching.
  • Oral health and wellness articles, brochures, blog posts, and more on a variety of topics for insertion into company newsletters, posting on company intranets, and available at wellness fairs.

Contact Maureen Noteboom, director of account management, at mnoteboom@deltadentalwi.com to discuss ways to integrate Delta Dental’s wellness resources into your customers’ overall wellness strategies.


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