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Trends: Where the Brand Stands

Trends: Where the Brand StandsWhen it comes to your brand, it’s always good to know where you stand – and fortunately, Delta Dental of Wisconsin is standing in a pretty good spot.

In 2013, we shared the results of our first consumer brand awareness survey with you. The results were positive. But we didn’t want to rely solely on our reputation as we prepare for any changes that may come our way in the insurance market. We added consumer-focused advertising to the marketing mix last year to help build and strengthen the brand.
We’ve tracked our brand awareness results along the way and they have been interesting, for many reasons.

When people were asked to recall a dental insurer, Delta Dental is the brand they name most often – nearly half of the time and 10% higher than our 2013 survey results. When people are given a list of insurance-company names and asked which names they recognize, Delta Dental does similarly well; in fact, it’s the No. 1 standalone dental carrier for all types of name recognition.

This high level of brand awareness has far-reaching implications, since people who are familiar with the brand are even more positive about the brand and what it stands for.

When asked what attributes consumers associate with Delta Dental, we showed growth in “trust,” “value,” “network size,” “focus and expertise,” “customer service,” and “supporting communities.”

One of the most interesting things about these results is how well it aligns with other research we’ve done. We ask dentists and agents many of these same questions and get many of the same answers. Across all categories Delta Dental is known for delivering high-quality plans that protect oral health. People trust us to be the experts in dental benefits.

We know we have a ways to go before everyone in Wisconsin comes to know Delta Dental in those terms. But we’re going to keep trying. You’ll see and hear us again this year in a few additional markets including Milwaukee, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Wausau, La Crosse, and Eau Claire.

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