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At Delta Dental, we believe what makes us different makes us better.

Agents like you are the No. 1 reason why Delta Dental is Wisconsin’s leading dental plan. We treat agents as an extension of our sales staff; we give you the tools you need to keep your promises, work smarter, and excel.

Quoting is easy, online or through our quick-response sales team. Our service to you and your clients is unmatched. And our commitment to Wisconsin’s oral health reaches into neighborhoods that might otherwise be ignored.

In other words, we value what you value: ease of use, convenience, responsiveness and community.

If you’re a new user on the Delta Dental website, register your username and password and access the complete suite of online services.

Better Networks - Look Behind the Numbers
Look Behind the Numbers

Not all dentist networks are created equal. Some are larger than others – and some are not only larger, but have more dentists all across the state, in towns and cities, in small offices and large clinics. Most important of all, they have your dentist.

Those aren’t just larger dentist networks; those are better dentist networks. They’re the networks of Delta Dental.

Smarter Plans - Creative Ideas, Better Coverage
Creative Ideas, Better Coverage

Member input has helped us build programs that maximize and reward oral health, provide extra care, and store benefits that might have gone unused. Here are some innovative benefit options available to your clients:

The Evidence-Based Integrated Care Plan provides extra care for people with medical conditions that have oral-health implications.

Our Maximum Benefit Bonus rewards members with great oral-health habits by placing a portion of unused benefits in a special account for future use.

Implant Coverage is standard for non-pooled, fully insured groups, and normally comes at no extra cost to employers.

Since health experts recommend limiting exposure to radiation, our Reduced X-Ray Frequency program offers lower costs to groups whose members don’t get X-rays they may not need.

Increased Sealant Coverage helps reduce cavities (and costs) for younger members.

And CheckUp Plus™ lets groups obtain diagnostic and preventive services without applying those costs to annual maximums.

Great Service - Responsive, Reliable, Reachable
Responsive, Reliable, Reachable

Delta Dental’s award-winning Benefit Center treats you right.

It takes an average of 25 seconds to connect with a Benefit Advisor by phone, and 98.9% of inquiries are resolved with that first call.

The average claim is processed within 72 hours at an accuracy rate that exceeds 99.9%.

Enrollment and eligibility updates happen within three business days.

So it’s no wonder that 19 of every 20 Delta Dental of Wisconsin members express satisfaction with their dental plan – and we’re working hard to convince that 20th member!

Your clients have the right to expect outstanding customer service. Delta Dental delivers, so we both look good.

We Give Back - Delta Dental moves Beyond Benefits
Delta Dental moves Beyond Benefits

Delta Dental has donated more than $10 million to oral-health-related causes in the last decade. Every day in some corner of the state, Delta Dental is providing the means for a child to get sealants or an underserved adult to see the dentist for the first time in years.  It’s why we’re in business, and it’s simply the right thing to do.

Learn more about our partnership with the Marquette University School of Dentistry, the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, and other charitable and research efforts around the state ... and around the world.


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