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Enhancing wellness and improving access to quality oral healthcare

Why Delta Dental

At Delta Dental, we believe what makes us different makes us better.
In addition to Wisconsin's largest network of top-quality dentists and local, industry-leading customer care, you also get our commitment to cost management and wellness-based dental benefits – and the peace of mind that comes with them.

Everyone benefits from Delta Dental's commitment to healthy communities. As a not-for-profit dental-care company, we are proud to support important oral-health causes statewide – especially those that assist at-risk populations.

Whether you employ two people or 20,000, we offer a dental plan that makes sense for your company and your employees, and works with the Affordable Care Act. We even offer vision plans.

We can almost see your smile from here!

Better Networks - Look Behind the Numbers
Look Behind the Numbers

Not all dentist networks are created equal. Some are larger than others – and some are not only larger, but have more dentists all across the state, in towns and cities, in small offices and large clinics. Most important of all, they have your dentist.

Those aren’t just larger dentist networks; those are better dentist networks. They’re the networks of Delta Dental.

Smarter Plans - How can a dental plan be smart?
How can a dental plan be smart? Let's count the ways.

The Evidence-Based Integrated Care Plan
provides extra care for people with medical conditions (like heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease) that have oral-health implications. This category-leading plan feature incorporates the latest oral-health research into a benefit enhancement that helps improve the health of your teeth and gums – and your whole body.

People  who are pregnant or have diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, heart conditions, suppressed immune systems or progressive periodontal disease may not know of the connection between those conditions and good oral health.  EBICP gives them extra dental care to help manage their conditions.

Maximum Benefit Bonus

Imagine if your employees could put up to $700 a year into a savings account for future dental care! With Maximum Benefit Bonus, they can.

Members who see their dentist for diagnostic, preventive, and simple restorative work often don’t need or use their full dental benefit. MBB rewards them with a bonus account that can be accessed if and when their dental provider recommends additional work.

When eligible members use less than 50% of their annual maximum (other conditions apply), they can add 25%-35% of their maximum into the MBB account, depending on whether they use a Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental PPO provider.

Implant Coverage

Implant coverage is now standard for non-pooled, fully insured groups, and normally costs nothing extra.

In most plans, implants are covered at the same level as fixed bridges and removable partial and complete dentures.

Interested in implant coverage? Ask for it in your policy renewal. Contact your agent or Delta Dental sales representative for details.

Reduced X-Ray Frequency

The Department of Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association agree: Patients at low risk for chronic oral disease should be exposed to X-rays less frequently.

Delta Dental of Wisconsin recommends bitewing X-rays a maximum of once a year, and full-mouth X-rays every five years. If you have standard coverage, Delta Dental can lower your costs when your X-ray frequency falls within those recommendations.

Read more about dental radiation in our white paper, “When does my child need dental X-rays?

Increased Sealant Coverage

Properly applied by your dental professional, sealants protect your child’s teeth and reduce the need for fillings by as much as 72%.

Our Expanded Sealant Coverage, designed for patients six to 18 years of age, prevents fillings and saves money over the long haul.  The lifetime cost of a filling exceeds $2,000. Sealants address the “root” of the problem before fillings become necessary.

CheckUp Plus™

We want members to see their dentists for regular checkups, exams and cleanings. If they do, CheckUp Plus™ won’t count those costs against their annual maximum– leaving them more flexibility for care they might need later.

CheckUp Plus™ is a great way to promote overall wellness, especially as the medical community finds out more about the link between oral health and full body health. Call us or talk to your agent about CheckUp Plus™.

Great Service - Responsive, Reliable, Reachable
Responsive, Reliable, Reachable

Delta Dental’s award-winning Benefit Center treats you right.
It takes an average of 25 seconds to connect with a Benefit Advisor by phone, and 98.9% of inquiries are resolved with that first call.

The average claim is processed within 72 hours at an accuracy rate that exceeds 99.9%.

Enrollment and eligibility updates happen within three business days.

It’s no wonder that 19 of every 20 Delta Dental of Wisconsin members express satisfaction with their dental plan – and we’re working hard to convince that 20th member!


We Give Back - Delta Dental moves Beyond Benefits
Delta Dental moves Beyond Benefits

Delta Dental has donated more than $10 million to oral-health-related causes in the last decade. Every day in some corner of the state, Delta Dental is providing the means for a child to get sealants or an underserved adult to see the dentist for the first time in years.  It’s why we’re in business, and it’s simply the right thing to do.

For more information about our philanthropic efforts, please visit our Charitable Fund pages.


Looking for an Individual plan?  Visit DeltaDentalCoversMe.com to view all of your plan options.


Looking for a dental plan for your employees? Let us help!

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