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Dental Plans and Enrollment


Enroll in Dental Plans

To enroll in the UDB or a supplemental dental plan, first determine your eligibility, then follow the appropriate steps. 

How to Enroll


Learn more about the 2019 dental benefits, and how to enroll by exploring the topics below.


State and Local Employees 

2019 UDB for State and Local Employees

Focused on prevention, the UDB is included when you enroll in a State of Wisconsin Health Plan. 



State Employees 

How Supplemental Dental Plans and UDB Work Together

Learn how adding a supplemental dental plan can save you out-of-pocket dollars. 

UDB and Supplemental


2019 Supplemental Dental Benefits Plans

Chose from two supplemental dental plan offerings to help cover expenses for major services like crowns, root canals, and adult and child orthodontics. 

Supplemental Plans

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